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Spominjanje Drugih / Remembering the Others

2015, 45′ 54”, colour, HD File, 16:9, STEREO

Remembering the Others is a documentary about the meaning and power of public monuments in Kosovo. Who has the privilege to be represented in monuments? Why are there almost no monuments dedicated to women in Kosovo? Which other groups of people are denied representation in monuments? If the stories of marginalized groups are hushed, the canonised stories remain undisputed, thus creating a situation where some privileged groups are given access to top positions in the society, whereas others are erased and pushed into oblivion.


Ana ─îigon (1982) holds a BA in Painting and MA in Video from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Ljubljana. She also did an MA in Interface Cultures at the University of Arts and Industrial Design, Linz, Austria. In the recent years, she has focused on documentary cinema and animation, while working primarily in the fields of video art, video for theatre, and performance art.

Director’s website: http://www.anacigon.si



DCP Mastering, Subtitling (English)