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How to order

1A film can be uploaded through the form as a HD file in one of the following formats:


  • .mpg,
  • .mp4,
  • .mkv,
  • .mov.


If your film is in another format, please contact us beforehand to discuss possible solutions.

2If your file is large, the upload procedure takes more time. Please be patient  until uploading is complete.

3If you upload a video file that is longer than five (5) minutes, additional costs apply.  Please see our pricing list for more information.



4If you upload a film, but fail to complete the order, you have the option of deleting the file. If you fail to do so, the file will be deleted from our server automatically after 60 minutes of inactivity.

5Please specify your DCP project. On some projection systems this will affect where your content appears in the projector’s server user interface, so take care to select an appropriate type. You can choose:

  • short
  • trailer
  • teaser
  • commercial
  • other


6If you are in a hurry, select RUSH and your DCP will be delivered in 24 hours. Otherwise choose STANDARD and your DCP will be ready in 4-7 days.


7While newer Digital Cinema servers are capable of playing back films at many different frame rates, the vast majority of servers can only play content reliably at 24 fps.


8According to the specifications the following aspect ratios for DCPs are valid: 1998×1080 (2K Flat), 2048×858 (2K Scope), 2048×1080 (2K Full). If your HD file has 1920×1080 (Full HD resolution), we recommend using Flat (with black bars left and right).


9If you have seperate audio tracks, you can send them to us too. According to SMPTE and DCI standards, audio samples should be 24 Bit. When using 16 bit samples as input, the bit depth will be automatically up – converted to 24 bit. You can upload WAV files with these specifications:


  •    WAV, 16 Bit, 48kHz or 96 kHz, mono, uncompressed
  •    WAV, 24 Bit, 48kHz or 96 kHz, mono, uncompressed


10If you have seperate subtitle tracks, you can send them to us too. Subtitles can be uploaded as SRT files. All subtitle files have to be synchronised (time code) with the source file.


11Premium delivery is a service by means of which we offer automatic storage of the final DCP copy. This means that during the period of one year you can share the link for transferring the DCP film copy e.g. with festivals, cinemas or other venues. The service also comprises high speed data transfer, which we ensure in cooperation with an external provider. Standard service means, that the link for downloading your DCP is valid for 1 week (7 days).


12If you decide to let us use your DCP as a reference (we take 2 images and add a short synopsis), you are entitled to a 10 EUR discount on total service of making the DCP copy upon placing your order.

13Once you’ve read and agree with  our Terms & Conditions, please tick the checkbox with the text “I Agree to the Terms and Conditions“.



14The final step is to add your DCP to the Cart and proceed to payment options.