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Kompozicija / Composition

2015, 3’34”, b&w, DCP, 4:3, STEREO

Two audiovisual and film basics- sound and image are created by same lines engraved directly on primary audiovisual medium- film track in order to trigger the most harmonic relationship that is possible between them.


 Mitja Manček (1987) started working on his first animated film as a ten-year-old. In 2009, he graduated in Animation from Film School Zlín, the Czech Republic. Since 2010 he has been self-employed in culture, making films. He also designs books and runs filmmaking workshops to pass his knowledge on to younger generations. In 16 years, he has made 16 animated films that are being screened at festivals around the globe, from Ciudad de México to Tokyo.  Director’s website: http://www.mancekmitja.si/



DCP Mastering