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Frequently Asked Questions

What video file formats can be uploaded to your server (source file)?

A film can be uploaded through the form as a HD file in one of the following formats: .mpg, .mp4, .mk2, .mov. If your film is in another format, please contact us beforehand to discuss possible solutions.

What audio file formats can be uploaded to your server (audio files)?
  •    WAV, 16 Bit, 48kHz or 96 kHz, mono, uncompressed
  •    WAV, 24 Bit, 48kHz or 96 kHz, mono, uncompressed


Please note: WAV files with a sample rate other than 48 or 96 kHz will be converted. According to SMPTE and DCI standards, audio samples shall be 24 Bit. When using 16 bit samples as input, the bit depth will be automatically up – converted to 24 bit.

What subtitle file formats can be uploaded to your server (subtitles files)?

Subtitles can be uploaded as SRT files. All subtitle files have to be synchronised (time code) with the source file.

Is it safe to upload my films and other files to your server?

Uploading video files to our server is completely safe and is based on the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) cryptographic protocol that enables secure communication over the Internet.

What happens to a film if I upload it to your server, but never complete the order/payment?

If you upload a film, but fail to complete the order, you have the option of deleting the file from your basket. If you fail to do so, the file will be deleted from our server automatically after 60 minutes of inactivity.

Is it necessary to complete additional fields?

If your film only comprises a HD file, it will be completely enough for making a DCP. Except for the type of delivery, desired time of delivery of the DCP, and the potential discount if you decide to let us use the making of your DCP as a reference, other additional fields are intended for Users who have a HD file as well as separate audio tracks and/or subtitles.


If you still decide to fill any additional fields, such as frame rate, aspect ratio, we will make sure to follow the instructions. In case of any misunderstandings or false entries into such fields, we will contact you before making the DCP to make sure and discuss whether the data submitted is correct.

What is Premium delivery?

Premium delivery is a service by means of which we offer automatic storage of the final DCP copy. This means that during the period of one year you can share the link for transferring the DCP film copy e.g. to festivals, cinemas or other venues. The service also comprises high speed data transfer, which we ensure in cooperation with an external provider.

What is Add to our portfolio?

If you decide to let us use your DCP as a reference (we take 2 images and add a short synopsis), you are entitled to a 10 EUR discount on total service of making the DCP copy upon placing your order.

How can I calculate the final price of converting a film into DCP?

The final price of the service is always visible after the film is uploaded to our server. When choosing additional fields, the price is visible for each additional service that is not part of the basic package of making the DCP.  You can also use our pricing calculator, to see the final prices before ordering.

What happens after purchase?

After you make a purchase (and submit all the required materials), DCP2GO.com makes sure that the DCP copy is made and final testing is performed. Various types of software are used in order to ensure that your final product can be screened with DCI-compliant DCP projector.

How will my DCP be delivered?

The final version of the DCP film copy will be delivered as a ZIP file. We advise you to use 7zip (http://www.7-zip.org/). This software supports Strong AES-256 encryption, and also checks the checksum of the final file, which minimises the possibility for any errors to occur while unpackaging the file.

Do I really have to register?

In order to place an order, you have to register. Registration enables you to follow your orders in peace, to edit your contact data and to get access to your final DCP copy of your films. This is also the only way for us to be able to contact you with regard to any additional requirements.