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10 Years of Animation Clash

Selected films made by students and alumni at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (2006–2016).

“After two animation workshops in the graphics masterclass run by Gunter Damisch at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna I started my first regular animation seminar in winter 2006. Since then the animation studio has been growing year by year, since an increasing number of students were interested in the art of animation. For five years now, the studio has had its own space and is quite well equipped for “analogue animation”. Students come from a wide range of academic backgrounds, such as graphics, painting, photography, sculpture, video art, performance, etc., therefore the works they produce in the animation workshop vary quite significantly, each one having a strong individual mark.”


Mag. Thomas Renoldner
Senior Lecturer
Head of Animation Lab at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna



DCP Mastering, Subtitling (English)